Mobile apps & websites developers

We build apps for smartphone, tablets and dekstop from A to Z. We rely on modern technologies supported by both the community and well-established companies to deliver fresh user experience, on multiple platforms and for a wide range of devices.

Tech enthusiasts & IoT hackers

We are super excited by new technical challenges related to Internet Of Things and mobility. You're working on a great new idea involving all kind of new technologies? Tell us a few words about it and maybe we could be interested in giving you a hand.

Common sense project managers

We have acquired skills on project management by following and coaching many projects for the last 5 years. We can help you going from merely an idea to a prototype or a well-polished & fully functional product, depending on your needs and your budget. We'll follow you during the whole journey.

What we do

We mostly write code and ship products for our clients.


We are experts in Microsoft technologies and rely on Xamarin for mobile cross-platform app development..


We keep your secrets safe because we know what's important for your business.

Tools & dashboards

We can build complete tools and dashboards, so that you stay free and autonomous.

Multiple form factors

We build apps for any form factors, from smartphone and smartwatches to desktop and huge touch screens displays.


We work together with you and your established partners if any.

Pride in delivery

We take pride in delivering the product that suits your needs.

Get in touch

You have that awesome idea and would like to work with us, ask for a quote or just need some piece of advice ?
Drop us a message and we will be delighted to answer, as soon as it reaches our spaceship.

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    NTWRK - Aile Gauche
    Rue de la Terre du Prince, 17
    7000, Mons
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  • Phone

    +32 495 64 88 95